St. Peter's Neigbourhood Association has been awarded funding by the National Lottery's Community Fund for the second year running. The new grant will help volunteer gardening projects across the whole of the St. Peter's neighbourhood over the coming seven months.

The new £3000 grant will support various gardening projects by both St. Peter's Volunteer Gardeners and individual "street" groups. The new grant is meant to help create an even better and greener-looking neighbourhood, as well as to get neighbours working and talking together, and create improvements for all to see and enjoy.

How it all works out is outlined below, so please have a read and get involved in making our community an even better Newcastle community.



The following sub-areas are encouraged to take up £200 towards funding residents’ “street” gardening projects, as they were last year:


Churchill Mews, Merchants Wharf, Rowes Mews, Dobson Crescent, St.Peter's Wharf, Chandlers' Quay, Foundry Court, The Moorings, Trinity Courtyard and The Ropery.

This money is available from a £3000 National Lottery Grant recently awarded to St. Peter’s Neighbourhood Association.  The balance will also fund work by the Tuesday-morning St. Peter's Volunteer Gardeners. The Lotto funds have now been deposited in our bank account and are available for your “street” project. 


This grant is meant to encourage a better and greener looking neighbourhood, as well as a common focus for people to spend time together, talk and get to know each other.  It is important that discussion takes place on the final project that involves as many people in agreement from your “street”.  Similarly, the implementation of the project should be open to everyone to participate.  Most “streets” have a resident St. Peter’s Neighbourhood Association committee member.  This committee member must also be involved in facilitating the project and ensuring that it runs as well as it might.  S/he is NOT the project leader, but a facilitator. It has been agreed that the longest-serving resident committee member will adopt the facilitator role.  “Streets” without any resident committee members can adopt one from another “street”.


Please have a chat with your neighbours.  If your “street” wishes to take up the £200 available then please confirm this intention, the nature of the items to be bought,  and the name and contact details of the “street” project leader to the Association’s secretary via This must be done before July 1 2021. If nothing is heard from a “street” by then, its residents forfeit their part of the grant, will NOT be chased, and the funds will be rolled over and made available to other live projects.


The “street” funding is available between now and November 30.  This is a generous period and arguably might allow for planting over two seasons - this summer, and autumn (for Spring 2022).  Each “street” can decide how to spend its money on gardening-related materials and items.  Reimbursement of expenditure will take place after receipts are submitted by the “street” project leader to  .  All expenditure must be completed, and receipts submitted by November 30 2021.