The ever-busy and appreciated St. Peter's Neighbourhood Gardening Group has moved its weekly gardening day to Tuesdays, 8am to 10am. And Group members are looking forward to new volunteer recruits joining. 

The Group works every week at locations across the St. Peter's neighbourhood improving the appearance and the enjoyment of communal planted areas. Their work can include weeding, digging, pruning, planting, leaf and litter picking.

This Autumn will also see Newcastle City Council grounds teams working in the neighbourhood and taking on maintaining and improving the condition of the neighbourhood tree stock. Work that everyone will appreciate has to be left to the specialists.

Supported by St. Peter's Neighbourhood Association, neighbourhood residents and businesses, Newcastle City Council and City-based businesses, St. Peter's Neighhbourhood Gardening Group has over the past three years made significant contributions to the maintenance of our lovely neighbourhood.

It was this Group at its beginning, with its wider supporter base, that turned around the restoration and award-winning replanting of the Fish with two Heads statue. Over forty neighbourhood volunteers then gave their time and efforts to complete this project. Since then the Group has worked fifty-two weeks a year donating many more volunteer hours improving and maintaining communal areas.

To find out more about joining in with the Group, or even making a financial donation to assist the Group's work , then please get in touch with