Over the past few months, and dodging some atrocious weather, St Peter's Volunteer Gardeners have been out working in their spare time on their Spring Improvement Project.

The original planting outline for The Fish with Two Heads was uncovered and restored to its entirity.  The area is now turfed and planted with perennial bulbs, tubers and shrubs for everyone to watch and enjoy in the summer.

A tester planter has also been created using a neighbourhood-heritage-style litter bin. This too has been brought back to its original black and gold glory by neighbourhood volunteers. The volunteers are gauging reactions to this innovative use of a litter bin. Already, the response has been generally very positive.

The other half of the Improvement Project has been uncovering and restoring the Village Green area between Dobson Crescent and Rowes Mews.  There has been new planting there similar to that at The Fish with Two Heads. The volunteers are also considering taking to turf a bed that had become out-of-hand. This bed needs rotavating, and is likely to be seeded to turf in the Autumn.

The Spring Improvement Project was planned and executed by neighbourhood volunteers, and financially supported by a Ward-aid grant from Newcastle City Council. The Grant was secured on the Volunteer Gardeners' behalf by St. Peter's Neighbourhood Association

If you would like to join St. Peter's Volunteer Gardeners, or help out with a financial donation, then please drop a line to secretary@st.petersnewcastle.co.uk.