With funding from the National Lottery, St. Peter's Volunteer Gardeners have started their Summer Lockdown project to make a big difference to a communal area in the neighbourhood.

At the heart of St. Peter's Basin, the corner site between Dobson Crescent and Bottlehouse Street has proven a difficult one to cultivate.  The soil there is too shallow, compacted and exhausted to sustain any long-term new planting.  So, the volunteers are planning to trial an alternative vessel for planting using a converted boat.

The boat has been donated and arrived in the neighbourhood last week.  The new planter is being worked on by volunteers to create a traditional boat-shape, that will be sited on its own new beach-scape.  This too is to be created by volunteer resident gardeners with the help of neighbourhood businesses and supported by Newcastle City Council.

The gardeners are hoping that someone will support their new project by donating an anchor.  If you wish to help with an anchor donation, or your time and skills, then please get in touch with the volunteer group or by contacting secretary@stpetersnewcastle.co.uk.

It is hoped that this latest project will provide a new and attractive visual feature within the neighbourhood, similar in lasting impact to The Fish with Two Heads rescue and restoration project undertaken by neighbourhood volunteers four years ago.