Over the past few weeks, the St. Peter's Volunteer Gardeners have been out and about on Tuesday mornings putting to bed the neighbourhood's green spaces for another year.

Hedges and shrubberies have been trimmed, grass cut, bulbs planted, beds dug over and litter collected.

The Council has also helped out too by pruning the lower branches of the Lime trees on Dobson Crescent and Glasshosue Street. (A polite reminder here, only the Council can carry out tree surgery work on any of its trees in public spaces).

The Volunteer Gardeners have also donated their Byker in Bloom prize to buy food items for the forthcoming neighbourhood festive foodbank collection.  The prize was awarded for the group's Lockdown Project - The Boat Garden, opposite the Merchants' Tavern - involving over twenty regular volunteers and new recruits. The foodbank collection will hopefully take place in the first part of December, subject of course to ongoing restrictions. This will be the neighbourhood's fourth such consecutive annual collection.