St. Peter's roads, streets, car parks and hedgerows are again spick and span, and litter-free.

Yesterday morning at 10am a large posse of volunteers and friends, equipped by Newcastle City Council, turned out for the Volunteer Litter Pick after this Winter's coldest night so far. 

But the sun was shining. And it had stopped raining!

Recognising the ongoing work of the Weekly Volunteer Gardening Group, as well as individual people and businesses, in keeping on top of litter in our Neighbourhood's core, the group this time around went further afield. 

Taking on the length of Glasshouse Street, Byker Link footpath, the top end of the two Spiller's sites, the three car parks in St. Peter's, as well St. Peter's riverfront and Marina, the work provided another twenty sacks of other people's litter.

The most unusual item collected this Litter Pick was a Ouija board.

Volunteers are planning the next Litter Pick to take place in the Spring.