Headliners is the charity that works with young people in the North East, and delivers the National Citizen Service in Newcastle. Their programmes include young people donating a quarter of a day session to help community groups.

Earlier this summer, Caroline Collinson from Newcastle City Council contacted St. Peter's Neighbourhood Association to ask if a party of young volunteers might help with any neighbourhood projects. Helping to clear the steps on the St. Peter's side of Riverside Park was suggested, and after a conversation with Sarah Capes Riverside Park's Ranger an afternoon was organised.

Fifteen young people from Headliners found their way to St. Peter's, and with Caroline and Sarah were joined by four volunteers from St. Peter's Basin.  The two sets of steps were cleared, the Association's new petrol hedge trimmer making an outing and making light of the hedges.

Everyone enjoyed meeting up, and being out in the sunshine to make a positive contribution to the local park amenity and environment.

Sarah Capes organises volunteer work groups every three weeks along the whole of Riverside Park.  

The next planned Riverside Park volunteer light-gardening activities are:

  • Wednesday 30 August, 10.00am - 12.30 noon, Pottery Bank Car Park opposite Felling View on the riverfront.
  • Wednesday 20 September, 10.00am- 12.30 noon, Malaya Drive entrance to Hadrian's Way, Riverside Park.

If you would like to take part along with other volunteers from Jesmond and Heaton, or learn more, then please drop a note to hello@stpetersnewcastle.co.uk