Can you please help? Or please mention this to a neighbour or a friend who might.

Newcastle City Council is running a citizenship-volunteer programme for young people this summer.

Next Wednesday 16 August, 2- 5pm, fifteen young volunteers from across the City will be working with Sarah Capes Riverside Park Ranger, and her team, on the various steps at the St. Peter's-end of Riverside Park. The work will start from the upper path of Hadrian's Way.  

The work will be light-weight and involve cutting back hedges, shrubs and clearing the steps of weeds.

Sarah's ranger-team will take away the debris.

It would be great if you could join other St. Peter's volunteers on the afternoon - and get out in the open air, do some light work, see the Park and meet new people.  Even just for an hour will help.

Please let the other volunteers know you will be coming by dropping your name to