St. Peter's neighbourhood is usually a quiet one, however should you ever encounter industrial, commercial or residential noise nuisances, you can ask for  Newcastle or Gateshead Councils to help.  The process is very simple.

1. To report a Noise nuisance in Newcastle

You can report the noise using this Newcastle Council  online form.

Please be aware that you must provide your details as the Council is unable to accept or investigate the complaint without these . When the Council receives your complaint the Council will write to the person who is responsible for causing the noise that you are complaining about. You will be asked to give permission for this to be done, if you do not give permission your complaint will be recorded but no further action will be taken.

Out-of-hours the Council provides a limited service to deal with emergency situations.  In an emergency telephone 0191 278 7878 and ask for 'Environmental Health'

2. To report a Noise nuisance in Gateshead, click on Gateshead's Council's link below: