The Newcastle Waste Commission wants local people to come have their say to help shape proposals for future Waste Managment across the City.

Two open drop-in events (Weds 19 July and Weds 26 July) have been arranged and themed on operations/innovation/technologies. The Commission asks for people to please go along and share their expertise.

The Newcastle Waste Commission wants to hear from you:

  • Do you know of technologies or have bright ideas on how we can minimise waste in Newcastle?
  • Do you have ideas on how we minimise the waste generated in the City?
  • Do you have thoughts on how people could be encouraged to re-cycle and re-use more?
  • Are you already involved in schemes to reduce waste or do you know about best practice elsewhere that we could learn from?
  • Help the Commission gather information and ideas - call for evidence

There will be people attending with lots of knowledge and experience around waste who can answer your questions and be part of the discussion.  But, in many ways you are the experts – that is why Newcastle Waste Commission needs to hear from you.    Please come along to one of the following drop-ins (no need to book):

1. Wednesday 19th July 4pm  - 7pm (drop-in) – Operations/Innovation/Technologies, Swan Parsons, Committee Room, Civic Centre, (1st Floor), NE1 8QH. Focus group with Q&A’s 6pm – Armstrong Stephenson, Committee Room

2. Wednesday 26th July 4pm – 7pm (drop-in) - Partnerships, Swan Parsons, Committee Room, Civic Centre, (1st Floor), NE1 8QH. Focus group with Q&A’s 6pm, Armstrong Stephenson, Committee Room

At each drop-in at 6pm there is an opportunity to take part in a group discussion/questions and answer session. The purpose of this group discussion/question & answers session is to have a deeper discussion around the theme e.g. operations/innovation/technologies. This is an opportunity for The Newcastle Waste Commission to listen to what people and organisations have to say.

To find out more information and leave comments please visit  

All comments from webpage and drop-ins will be presented to the Newcastle Waste Commission to inform and influence their recommendations.