Earlier this year the National Lottery awarded the Association a £5000 grant to support volunteer gardening in the neighbourhood.

This is the third consecutive year the Association has succeeded in its application to the Lottery for volunteer gardening funding. And to date the Association has won £11000 in gardening grants from the Lottery..

As with previous years the grant is split between work by "Street Projects" and St Peter's Volunteer Gardeners.

The street projects can happen within the immediate area of each residential zone. It is hoped that neighbours will discuss, agree and share the work being funded.

There are ten residential zones in St. Peter's and each can receive £150 to support their own project. Additionally, the application allows for St Peter's Marina and Cafe Verne at the heart of our neighbourhood also to be eligible to claim £150 each.

The balance of the grant will be spent supporting the works of St Peter's Volunteers Gardeners.

The grant money is now in the Association bank account, so please think about what needs to be done and enjoy doing it.  Any queries then please get in touch secretary@stpetersnewcastle.co.uk.