Tomorrow, the first National Day of Reflection is hoping to allow people the chance to reflect on the past year, as well as encourage hope for better days to come. Marie Curie estimates that over three million people have lost a someone since the pandemic began, either to COVID-19 or due to other causes. 
But the restrictions we’ve been living under meant people didn’t always have the chance to say a proper goodbye and have had to grieve without the comfort of having family and friends around them.   


The National Day of Reflection, which Marie Curie hope will become an annual event, will give people andcommunities an opportunity to reflect on the last year and to show support for family, friends and colleagues who have lost someone they love.   

And people are being invited to take part in the day by joining the minute’s silence, planting or displaying flowers as a sign of hope for the future or by taking part in a doorstep vigil that will take place across the nation at 8pm on the day.   To find out more about the National Day of Reflection and how to get involved visit