Earlier this summer Karbon Homes Foundation awarded St. Peter's Neighbourhood Association a grant to assist smaller volunteer "street" based projects.  This time around it was "street" residents who received the funding and completed the projects. This is opposed to the bigger single projects completed by the wider neighbourhood membership of St. Peter's Volunteer Gardeners.

From the results seen by clicking on the link below, it looks as if the Grant was well-spent. And Karbon Homes agree, this is what their spokesperson said about the projects:

"Thank you so much for the great feedback. It's so satisfying to see our funding making a positive difference in communities."

And now see for yourself by clicking on this link: Karbon Homes' Foundation "Streets" Projects - Summer 2021

The Association can and is always keen to help residents and people who work in St. Peter's to achieve funding.  This might be for an individual or a group, and for any type of activity - arts or sports or whatever you wish to pursue. Please contact the Association (secretary@stpetersnewcastle.co.uk) and let's see how we might achieve a great result together.