Pimms has always been a classic British summertime drink. So, it is highly appropriate this wonderful Pimms' hamper has found a home this summer in the St. Peter's 2017 Fete Raffle.

Very kindly donated by a long-term resident couple in Merchants' Wharf, the Pimms' hamper is just one of many prizes donated by residents, businesses and people who work in St. Peter's, Newcastle and from across the North East.

Volunteer Fete organisers have been delighted as each prize has come rolling in, and pass on their appreciative thanks to all the fundraising-supporting donors.

Prizes will be won in the Fete Raffle, Tombola, and of course the unicorn toy star in Name the Unicorn.  Proceeds from all three will help with the work of volunteers involved in future St. Peter's neighbourhood projects, and St. Peter's Neighbourhood Association.

If you are an individual or a company wanting to donate a Fete prize, and all types and sizes are all very welcome, then please drop us a line to hello@stpetersnewcastle.co.uk, and a collection can be conveniently arranged.

The Fete Raffle will drawn at 4.30pm on Saturday 1 July at St. Peter's Fete, after the announcement of the winner of Name the Unicorn