We’re looking to make December 2018 in St. Peter’s memorable, festive and neighbourly by seeking volunteers – businesses and residents – who want to support St. Peter’s Living Advent Calendar.

The volunteers will decorate a window or two in the style of an Advent Calendar. And on their allocated day illuminate their window display for everyone to see at 7pm. A new window will be unveiled each day, encouraging everyone to take a stroll each evening to see each day’s new window, and all the others as December progresses.  We’re looking for 24 volunteers and 24 windows to take part. The emphasis is on everyone getting involved irrespective of age, artisitic aptitude or budget.  And this is one for businesses and residents alike! The windows hopefully will stay in place until Twelth Night, 5th January.  Please drop organiser Jon Bryan an email to volunteer on jonmbryan@gmail.com.

2018 Living Advent Calendar volunteer flyer