Two attempted break-ins this morning act as warnings to St. Peter's residents and businesses to be be alert to the threat of criminal and opportunist activities.

Earlier today, between 2.45am and 3.00am, two homes had double-glazed terrace doors smashed in.  The inner glazed panels did not give way, and entry to the homes was prevented.

With autumn nights now drawing in, everyone is being urged to be more cautious and take precautions to secure their homes and property.  At the same time, please do not be alarmed as crime in the St. Peter's neighbourhood accounts for just 0.5% of such activity in the Newcastle East area.

If you wish to discuss any Policing or property security matter with our local neighbourhood Police Officer, then please contact Steve Douglas by phone: 07590011237 or via his email address: 

Should you see anyone acting suspiciously in the neighbourhood, but no crime is actually being perpetrated, then please report this to Northumbria Police by dialling 101.

In the event of a crime taking place, or risk to life or injury is apparent, then please call 999.