St Peter's Neighbourhood Association's Annual General Meeting will tale place Tuesday 16 May, 7pm at ANZIO House.

The agenda is:

  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of previous annual general meeting (May 2022)
  • Chair's statement
  • Treasurer's statement
  • Election of new committee
  • Any other business.

After the close of business there will be a neigbourhood social and buffet. Everyone at the meeting is invited.

Standing for election to our committee is straightforward.

Candidates for a committee seat can self-nominate.  If they wish they can advise the secretary ( beforehand of their intention, or declare at the meeting itself.

Anyone wishing to stand for an executive role (chair, vice chair, treasurer or secretary) must advise the secretary two weeks before the meeting (by Tuesday 2 May), and submit a seconded nomination along with a short precis of relevant life/work experience.